Thursday, February 16, 2012


Last week (when i was still at my hometown T,T ) i was cleaning d store room,
and I found my precious drawing once upon a time, 
together with d last "Drama Script"!
feels like winning a lottery! >,<

d script! d tittle is "beauty is a beast"
d "Beauty" character was played by me.... kekekek

Dear reader, guess which one is me??
hehehe got my twin here.... !! LOVE u girls!

our pic after won d Drama competition!!
p/s: i duno how to draw d eyes/nose/lips of a real person except cartoon!

d girls!~

hahah I drew this during my secondary school...! >,<
miss those moment! only certain people know whats d drawing all about...
"A precious memory that can never be replaced"

"use your time wisely" >,< muahh!!


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