Sunday, February 19, 2012

1991-2012: CYNTHIA .G

Just wanna share with my dear do i look like from the past until now...

the baby girl is me... >,<

looks so PITIFUL... omg..

see d past me... ooooomg.. ahhaha

if not mistaken, its taken when i was form 2

yepp i remember this... FORM 3


PLKN life style..

DARKER is normal... ahha

MATRIC life style... ^^

she loves me, me loves her.... heeee

KML is d best.... >,<

 i've becum UMPs junior....

 2011 !

if last time im d junior but now, i have my junior.... >,<

and now here I am... 2012!!

thanks God because I still can breathe from the moment i was born until now..
Thank you for everything...


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