Monday, January 16, 2012


Maybe its a bit late for me to update this entry...
for those who missed my update, here u can refresh again~ ^^
I went to Melaka with 2frends.
and some more, we had fun together before sem break!.~
enjoy d pics babe..~

ate d famous durian cendol in Melaka.~
its nice!

they said this is d famous chicken rice ball and yup! it taste really delicious.!

we go eat d baba n nyonya food..~

dis looks like d normal food rite? but this cost RM200!!

we ate d layer cake!! hurmm.. for me, its nice ^^

everyone knows dis place rite? if no! go open ur 'Sejarah' book..

nice bullet gun shoot.....

welcome to MOVIDA.~

we'r nearly trapped in dis place,, hahaha

with d 'jason mraz 's wife wannabe' ahahha

at Tasik selatan terminal..

its a girls day out!

next feb they will come sabah!! i'll be their tour guide...
dear people, let me know where is d interesting places in KK or near kk..~
yea yea, im sabahan but i've no idea where to go. ahahha
bye peeps.! >,<


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