Sunday, June 24, 2012


Yesterday I had a great moment with my family ;)
Can feel the love is in the air...
HOWEVER that great moment been spoiled because I forgot to take photos with
all my family members..
ouch! Enjoyed until forgot everything...

But, its not the end of the world...
My holiday still a long way to go ;)
Next sunday will off to KL to send my sister to further her studies
A msg for her: " study well and take care"

"errr the clock shows 10.01pm and my sister is cooking nasi goreng"
makes me 'hungrryyy"
"chi, please, no more cooking on 10pm" haaahah

she can ruin my plan.....
what plan?? sshhh, its a secret for those who don't know.. 
p/s: Felicia don't mad on me... heeee ;)

i want s-line badly! crazy? yes you can call me that...
ngeee :D
hurm got nothing to say more, my rutin for this holiday is repeating over & over again..

Good night ladies & gentlemen 
Will off to KK tomorrow for a while...


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