Saturday, May 12, 2012


Hello to my sweet & charming friends...
Just want to share a good news..
Last night i entered a mandrin singing competition
guess what,~ ;) no.1

this competition divided into 2 categories
Group A: not fluent in mandrin (basically non-chinese)
Group B: fluent in mandrin (Chinese)

so you don't get so excited, i'll not win if im together with the chinese singers! ;)

i can't believe i made it after last sem  i won the mandrin speaking competition as well..
u may click the above link and u will know what am I talking about ;)

well, this time i asked my friend Zepher to accompany me on the stage
million thanks to him too~!! 
i'll give u the money later ya ;)

did our rehearsal for performance together with the group B ;)

Actually this was the 2nd performance on that night..
the 1st round (no pics)  i sang solo since my guitarist got performance on Saturday Night Live! ;)
Zepher: are u ready?
Me: ok, lets start! ;)

its result's time..
maybe some of u wonder why there'r sticker on us..
its d audience choice... the audience will stick on their favorite performer
right side: the top 3 of Group A / left side: the top 3 of Group B

And the winner goes to the lucky no.9 me & zepher!

thanks to dear Elvina n d cameraman (Camillus), willing to came last night ;)

If last time I got RM400, now RM150 consider ok liao ;)

thx to my dear wawa... ;) 
i sang your fav. song liao..

the naughty girl behind.....

million thx for those who came last night..
and thanks for the wishes and supports!! xie xie ni men...

owh, for those who are wish to watch my performance, can watch the video on my FB wall
my friend post it earlier than i expect...

i admit it was a poor mandrin singing..
and i was not memorize d lyrics.. *i write it on my hand!*
spot the mistakes! =,=

thx again..!~ xie xie..


  1. yeah babeh~~will send your present soon. have to order 1st. kekeke. >_<v

  2. waaoooo~!! ;) i oso not expect to win ;)


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